Creating shopping cart with product list in Angular2

Introduction A common scenario - you want a product list with “Add to cart” functionality. Angular can do that - let’s see how effective it is. You can find code in this repository - github Goal 1. Product list with images, color filter, names and currency. We want to create something similar that H&M has. 2. Details of item 3. Shopping cart view To view the details and remove items from it.
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Angular 2 is cool. So is Typescript

Introduction Angular framework for building applications. Let’s do a review over its important parts. Language of choice - Typescript Angular was written in Typescript. As for Dart - Typescript was easily transpiled to Dart and that is how Dart version was maintained. It’s just that Typescript code required some things for Dart version to work. At some point (this summer) - Angular team decided to split Angular Dart project to a separate one for better or worse.
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Let's code: Creating functional table with Angular

Offtopic Currently volunteering in organisation called “Erasmus student Network Lithuania”. Working with a team to develop internal HR system. Intro Looking at the requirement - there is a need to display data. A list of users. And some actions which can be done with each of the user. Table is a good way to make data look good. Let’s try to design how could this table look. Basic requirements Table might need to display hundreds of records - pagination No need for selecting rows There will be action buttons in each row to interact with user Inline editing Should look nice (we don’t really care about design, just nice is enough) Filtering Sorting Attempt #1 Using bootstrap - just the markup with some *ngFor magic.
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