Shutdown. Time off for brains

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You may have heard advice suggesting to take time off for your brains. Sounds reasonable, but what are the benefits?


Recently I have been working all the time, either on TravelTimePlatform or my university courses. Some free time? Great - let’s debug that Naive Bayes issue I have.


Working a lot made me very focused on those things, I started to make mistakes and not feel productive/positive. So yesterday we went to party called “shutdown”. It’s target audience was students after exams. Go to party with no exam to worry about and relax.

Shutdown 2.0

Today I am facing a hangover which means I can’t really study or work. At most I can focus on some movie/game. Not working whole day, in the evening I noticed interesting thoughts coming to my head.

“Actual content”

I suddenly started thinking about the bigger picture. Am I doing the right things and best possible things for myself in the long run? Should I check and evaluate my priorities again? How about anvilium - it seems I didn’t work on it for quite a while, maybe that need to change. These and other thoughts started popping up until I realised that my mind got out of the box. I was able to self reflect and find some peace. My mentor Mindaugas V. once said that it is important to take time off for brain to think things over, but I never grasped its importance until I noticed it myself.


While it might feel counter productive to take timeoff, but it does help you answer bigger picture questions, refocus your goals and reach some peace