Quick glimpse at world of Elm

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Frontend Elm Learning

Recently I have came across a thing called Elm. It is a functional programming language dedicated to frontend.

About language itself
  • Functional language
  • You will not have to worry about state mutations
  • No runtime errors. I’ll just leave that here
  • Friendly and helpful community. Go to slack, try talking - not only you will get your answers - but community will make you feel part of it
  • Simplicity. You have this simple architecture emerging from language itself. More about it here - The Elm Architecture
A lot to gain by learning

Instant new brain power to think in Types while coding - f(x) transforms my x to f(x) - while it sounds to simple - this new ability almost instantly made all code produced by me with less side

Trying with simple app

It has one purpose - show how old are you with millisecond accuracy. Imagine your age here - quite a kick to stop procrastinating.

While coding - a part where I needed to get current time was more difficult since it involves something that cannot be gained in a pure way. Not enough documentation on this, however Slack community together with SO answers solved the issue.

You can observe how Elm’s code looks here - github

  • Thinking in types makes development easier
  • Coding frontend without runtime errors is relaxing
  • Easy to understand architecture keeps things simple

Elm is cool - try it!


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