2016-2017. Review and planning

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2016 was a great year for me - a little bit chaotic too. (If you didn’t know - I love chaos). Especially the first half. The important thing - learned a ton and enjoyed the year to the fullest.

Review of 2016

First half

First half of year I spent with the ESN (organisation I still volunteer in). Kinda miss the experience, but you know what they say - I am happy it happened. I like to remember every single person I got to meet during that time. Feeling grateful to every single one of them for the experience. During that time I got to continue to level up leadership, communication skills. Thanks Viktorija and Ieva L. for opportunity. Special thanks goes to my mentor Mindaugas V. for teaching on how to reflect and lead.

Second half

The other half of the year. Oh yes - that is when software engineering part happened. After a good pause of “real” engineering I though it was going to be harder to catch up. Turned out, few weeks and I was back at the game. After half a year of “pure” engineering I can say I am currently at best shape I ever was. Could have done more, but at the same time I can also say I was pretty lucky at meeting the right people. Analytical, estimations skills were completely missing from my vocabulary. Thanks to my team at work - now I know that I know nothing about them. Will need to learn more about them.

Other achievements - I will say that starting a blog was quite a big one for me. > I just need to learn to write

That’s what pushed me. And still keeping at it! As a side bonus - learning about keeping web in “production”.

Starting work on side-project. A little to no progress - but I did start. Will write about it more in the future. From my point of view - also a step in right direction.

Volunteering took quite a part too. Just this time instead of working as a president I was more like team lead. In other words - chairing IT committee for ESN Lithuania. Aside from other committee activities I focused on development and design of internal HR system. Could have done more in this area - but I’ll stick around and try to finish what I started.

Real grateful for - my SO, Donata. Who supports me in everything I do. That is my secret for doing things instead of being lazy.


Focusing so much on engineering, communication, leadership and other skills came with a cost. Health and fitness + learning new things about self-development. Health and fitness levels did go down the most. This is the biggest regression. As for self-dev - while I did keep reflecting on myself - I stopped learning new things.

2017 - Master plan

Focus on health and fitness. Priority goal! Hope to achieve even better results than I achieved in 2014 Half 2 / 2015 Half 1. Vessel for brain is important - take care of it!

Other goals?

Instead of exploring new things I am planning to stick to things I started this year. I think I did enough “random” exploring past 7 years. All this exploring will have a clearer goal - become a better frontend engineer. From low level knowledge such as language constructs to high level analysis, communication. I actually expect this point of view have a positive impact on me. Due to prioritising on what is important today and what will be valuable in 10 years.

Side project development - need expertise on how to take pet project to real world.

Keeping up with blog. I think knowing how to write is important - that is my way of learning that.

Catch up with learning about self development. Plan is to make a habit - already failed twice. This time I will I’ll start with checking why I need this - make clearer goal.

Backups, security - at some point I want to do a checkup on my infrastructure for backing up and security.


Reflections are in place, a “guide” plan is ready - planning to enjoy every minute of 2017.