How to contact me. Waiting for your feedback!

Contacts and feedback Feedback is important for everyone. I am no exception. Ping me if something is off. Or you just want to say hi. You can email me at: Another way to suggest changes to blog content is to open issue here. You can add: paragraphs, comments, fixes, quotes - anything! Community contribution more than welcome. Thanks in advance! Zygimantas Benetis

Becoming the one with flexbox: Intro to handling the monster

Learn more about it. But why? Flexbox is becoming one of core concepts in CSS. Might as well get to know more about it. It’s always a good investment to know basics well. We will keep this as short as possible. No unneeded content, pictures and etc. Reading whole post should give you basics of it. What is flexbox? Also known as “Flexible box” is layout mode in CSS. Main purpose of it is to be predictable when coding responsive layouts [1].
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Creating shopping cart with product list in Angular2

Introduction A common scenario - you want a product list with “Add to cart” functionality. Angular can do that - let’s see how effective it is. You can find code in this repository - github Goal 1. Product list with images, color filter, names and currency. We want to create something similar that H&M has. 2. Details of item 3. Shopping cart view To view the details and remove items from it.
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HTML5 Canvas. Fundamentals

Introduction Today I met HTML5 Canvas. Not in real world - but during one the exercises from Javascript30. What are those “canvas”? Basics Canvas is a HTML element used to draw graphics on fly via Javascript - [0]. Main idea is that you have this rectangle box on the page without any content and you use javascript to draw stuff on it. You do drawing by interacting with context object not the actual canvas object.
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2016-2017. Review and planning

Introduction 2016 was a great year for me - a little bit chaotic too. (If you didn’t know - I love chaos). Especially the first half. The important thing - learned a ton and enjoyed the year to the fullest. Review of 2016 First half First half of year I spent with the ESN (organisation I still volunteer in). Kinda miss the experience, but you know what they say - I am happy it happened.
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